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Product Type: Safety fence and surge protector
Control type: switch/analog input, relay/analog output isolation gate
Surge protection: Power/signal line and surge protection
Voltage level: 5-60VDC/0-220V single-phase protection, 0-420VAC three-phase protection
Input and output signals: fully isolated 20-35VDC/4-20 mA, digital signal and analog signal input and output
Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion standard: CE/ATEX md II BT4/IP67/IP68
Ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ +60℃

SEVICON is a high-tech company dedicated to the supply, research, design and development of complete sets of fluid control solutions and control valves.
Its business scope includes,
A)The production and commissioning of complete sets of products:control valves (pneumatic, electric), switching valves (butterfly valves, ball valves), actuators (pneumatic, electric), control solutions (gas circuit, circuit) also Pneumatic open and shut-off mode, PN16,PN40,PN64 various pressure levels in high and low temperature environment, as well as the use of HART, FF, PROFIBUS, 4-20ma bus communication, 4-20ma, 0-10vdc, 0-5vdc control mode.
B)SEVICON agent products includes the Italian brand SOLDO limit switch box, the US brand FLOWSERVE full series of products, South Korea YTC full series of products, Spain JC valves, Germany P F series sensors, Germany MHA high-pressure ball valve agents
C) Maintenance and installation: DCS software update and design, PCB circuit board design and manufacturing, special parts design, valve installation and commissioning, PLC hardware and drawing updates, WINCC image processing and C software design, configuration software process graphics design.

Safety barriers and anti-surge protectors product description,
◆ Compact structure, modular meter core, base-type plug-type structure, easy installation.
◆ Precision components and hybrid integrated circuit technology are adopted.
◆Magnetic isolation between input-output-supply.
◆Screwed connection, rail mounting; 
◆Magnetic isolation between input, output and power supply; 
◆Screwed connection, rail mounting

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