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Brand: SOLDO
Model: Italian SOLDO SS series
Name: Valve position switch box
Protection level: IP66 / IP67 protection level
Explosion-proof grade: Ex II 2GD Ex db IIB T4/T5/T6 Gb (SX series)Ex II 2GD Ex db IIB + H2 T4/T5/T6 Gb (SX series) and Ex tb IIIC T135/T100/T85℃Db
Certificate: ATEX/IECEx/EAC/CCOE/INMETRO/UL/SIL certificate
Switch type: mechanical, Electromagnetic proximity type (SPDT/DPDT), Inductive proximity type, 4-20MA feedback
Bus control: Profibus, HART, FF, ASi
Ambient temperature range: -20℃ -- +105℃ Optional
Material: 316 stainless steel

Due to strong technical support and services, SEVICON has many successful cases and experience, such as very harsh conditions of various types of control valves and fluid control solutions for the sustainable development of Chinese customers.

Designed for safe, hazardous areas, the SOLDO Limit Switch Box SS Series provides an automatic valve with visual and electrical remote position feedback. Available with different options of 316 stainless steel lids. There’s no visual indication on the lid for a complete metal device with the same housing materials, clear polycarbonate or flat lids.Designed for weather proofing applications, it can also be matched with Exia IIC T6 delivery standard points for intrinsic safety certification, including the housing and internal electronics.

Italy SOLDO company\'s full range of valve limit switch box products include SK/SQ/SY/SQ/SF/SS/SB/SA/BM and other series of switch box, can provide customers with a complete set of valve process control process solutions to meet the customer\'s special requirements for the customization of products in a variety of harsh working conditions. SOLDO offers special and complete process solutions for valves in production, design and manufacturing through the continuous development of new products, experience and technical competence.
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