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Brand: SOLDO
Model: Italian SOLDO SQ series
Name: Valve position switch box
Protection level: IP66 / IP67 and IP67 / IP68
Explosion-proof class: Ex II 2GD Ex db IIC T4/T5/T6 Gb and Ex IIIC T135/T100/T85℃ Db
certificate: ATEX/IECEx/EAC/CCOE/INMETROL/UL/SIL certificate
Switch type: mechanical, electromagnetic proximity (SPDT/DPDT), inductive proximity
Ambient temperature range: -55 ° C -- +105 ° C Optional
Material: 316L

Twin shaft design, ensuring a complete sealed device.The shaft is split in two parts, each fitted and sealed into the body and cover for the best weather insulation even during opening operation
Suitable for arctic application, down to -55 C
Integrated mounting kit for Namur actuators
Two cable entries, either metric or imperial
Enhanced corrosion resistance due to the thick polyester powder coating on aluminum housings
316 L stainless steel housing for the maximum protection in hostile and corrosive environments
Easy wiring through the terminal PCB board
NOVA V3m switch option ensures extreme durability and high power switching capabilities
Concentric flame path design providing a self-centering system aligning shafts for a precise engagement
Captive bolts on the screwed lid.

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