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Complete control solution: unique design/anti-static design/fireproof design/explosion-proof design/special function design
Protection level: IP 65/66/67
Explosion-proof mark: EX d IIB/IIC T4/T5/T6
Control mode: ON/OFF switch type, multi-stage switch type, regulation type, intelligent control scheme
Rotation Angle: 0-90° / 0-90°-180° / 0-45°-90°/ straight stroke program/analog program/bus control program and other control methods
Material: WCB / 304/316/316L /A105N and other material selection
Pressure rating: PN10 / PN16/ PN25 / PN40 / PN63 / PN120
Caliber: DN8-DN300 variety of options

SEVICON Automation Fluid Control Specialist in Zhuhai
SEVICON has assembled a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in process control and fluid control to serve our customers. In addition, the company has set up R&D and consulting teams in Germany (Stuttgart), Singapore, Italy (Milan), and China to integrate international resources, serving the local community and providing customers with more professional automated fluid control solutions.

Control valve is one of the most important equipment in the process automation device. Control valves work well or badly, directly related to the operation of the DCS control system and process plant operation, once the control valve fails, the whole set of control system will be shut down. There is a wide variety of control valves, and the structure and material selection of different valves varies widely.

SEVICON complete sets of products production and commissioning include
Control valves (pneumatic, electric), switching valves (butterfly valves, ball valves), actuators (pneumatic, electric), control program (air circuit, circuit).

Strictly selected international cooperative brands
Italy SOLDO limit switch box, the United States FLOWSERVE full series of products, South Korea YTC full series of products, Spain JC valve, Germany P + F series of sensors, Germany MHA high-pressure ball valves.

Maintenance and Installation:
DCS software update and design, PCB circuit board design and manufacturing, special parts design, valve installation and commissioning, PLC hardware and drawing update, WINCC image processing and C++ software design, configuration software process graphic design.

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