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PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR Angular Stroke/Straight Stroke

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SEVICON PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR (Angular Stroke/Straight Stroke)
Model: CXAW/ZT/CL series (Angle travel/straight travel)
Ambient relative humidity: ≤95% (25°C)
Altitude: ≤1000m
Ambient temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Protection level: IP 65/66/67
Explosion-proof mark: EX d IIB/IIC T4/T5/T6
Control mode: ON/OFF switch type (single and double action)

SEVICON technicians have more than 10 years of experience in the field of automation and fluid control, specializing in developing actuators, flow control valves and instrumentation. Our main products include pneumatic actuators, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic regulating valves/butterfly valves, electric actuators, pneumatic and electric regulating valves, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant series valves, diaphragm valves, liner valves, limit switch boxes, vacuum pumps and other automation products.

SEVICON Pneumatic Actuator Product Description
The ZT type series pneumatic actuator is precision machining and manufacturing with unique style and advanced technology. It’s also economically and practically space-saving with modular design, which can be directly mounted with other accessories to increase efficiency and economy.

General specifications
Maximum rated air supply pressure is 8 bar, minimum air supply pressure is 2.5 bar
Operating Temperature: Standard: -20C(-4° F) to +80C(+176° F)
High Temperature: -15C(+5° F) to +150C (+302* F)
Low Temperature: -40C(- 40° F) to +80C(+176° F)
Air source: Clean, non-corrosive dry air, filtered or lubricated with oil.

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