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Model: VEH50 / SVQN50 - optional (soft seal, hard seal)
Power supply: DC24V/AC24V/AC220V
Ambient relative humidity: ≤95% (25°C)
Ambient temperature: -25°C~+70°C (optional, up to 260°C)
Medium temperature: Optional

SEVICON is a high-tech company dedicated to the supply, research, design and development of complete sets of fluid control solutions and control valve products.
The electric adjustable ball valves are industrial automation process control of a pipeline pressure components, usually used for pipeline medium remote opening and closing (connect, cut off the medium) control.
The electric ball valves are usually used in applications with strict sealing requirements, also suitable for controlling sewage treatment and medium containing fibrous impurities, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry, pulping, power station, cooling industry.

Integrated structure, it can be controlled by single-phase source supply AC220V and DC power supply 24VDC.
Small size, lightweight, reliable performance, simple package, circulation capacity and other advantages.
Working Characteristics.
Suitable for process occasions and fluid control systems with large pipeline differential pressure and strict sealing requirements for switching and cutting off pipeline medium.
Working temperature: -20℃ to +150℃ (+250℃ special seal).
Working pressure: PN16, PN25 - PN40 - PN64 - PN100

Suitable for air, steam, water, gases, petroleum and petrochemical products, corrosive medium.
The electric ball valves are an important type of valves, which are widely used in the fields of petrochemical industry, long-distance pipeline and etc.The closing part of the ball valve is a ball (or part of the ball) with a hole, the ball rotates with the valve stem to open or close the valve.
The electric ball valves can be fully closed or open with rotating 90 °. Compared to the same specifications of the gate valve and globe valve, ball valves is small-sized, light weight, easy pipeline installation.

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