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SEVICON FFU Control System

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SEVICON FFU Control System

Control FFU
Control individual FFU
* By rpm
* By velocity
* By change %, increase or decrease %
* By percentage, %of Max speed
Velocity and power consumption curves
By measuring serial of velocity and power consumption data, use statistical tools to generate velocity and power consumption formula; formula parameters can be set in system options setup page;

Group Control
Control individual group
selected a Group from left hand side tree view panel, right click shown popup menu, add selectedt
Control seleced FFUs
Press and hold mouse left button, and draw a rectangle to select multiple FFU, double click atselected FFU or right click to shown popup menu, andselect
* By rpm, Enter new rpm to control seleced FFU
* By velocity, select control by, and enter set velocity value 0.xx m/s
Third party system integration
FFU OPC Server
Provide OPC server interface for third party system to read FFU status and speed
Modbus TCP/IP
Provide Modbus TCP/IP server for third party system to read FFU status and speed, set FFU speed is an optional feature
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