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HVAC & PCW/DI Water Control System

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SEVICON’s HVAC and PCW/DI water control system is a highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly fluid control system that is widely used in construction, industry and medicine. The system reaches parameters adjustment of temperature, humidity, flow rate, liquid level and other parameters by precisely controlling the opening of valves to ensure the system running in the best condition, reducing energy consumption and improving system efficiency.

The main components of the HVAC and PCW/DI water control system include:

1, Electric actuator: ZTD or HQ electric actuator, voltage AC220V or AC380V, through the 4-20mADC signal guide and power supply control valve opening.
2、Valve: It can be soft seal butterfly valve or hard seal butterfly valve according to the type of medium, and it can be connected by clip or flange.
3、Controller:Advanced control algorithms are used to monitor and adjust the system operation status in real time to achieve automation and intelligent control.
4、Sensor: For real-time collection of temperature, humidity, flow, liquid level and other parameters, transfer data to the controller to achieve precise control.
5、Communication module: Support HART, FF, PROFIBUS and other bus communication to achieve data exchange and remote control with the host computer.
6, Accessories equipment: Limited switches, circuit boards, image processing systems, etc., used to assist in controlling and monitoring the system operating status.

SEVICON HVAC and PCW/DI water control system has the following advantages:

1、Precise control: It achieves precise adjustment of system operation status and improves system efficiency through precise control of valve opening.
2、Efficient and energy-saving: make the system run in the best state, reduce energy consumption, and operating costs.
3、Environmental protection: adopt environmentally friendly materials and processes to reduce the impact on the environment.
4、Stable and reliable: the system has high stability and reliability to ensure long-term stable operation.
5, easy to maintain: modular design, easy to repair and replace parts.
6、Intelligence: Combined with modern automation control technology, it achieves intelligent management.
7、Widely used: suitable for fluid control system in construction, industry, medicine and other fields.

SEVICON will continue to be committed to the research and development and innovation of fluid control solutions, providing customers with efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly HVAC and PCW/DI water control systems, and helping the development of the fluid control field. At the same time, the company will continue to expand its business scope, improving product quality, and providing high-quality fluid control products and services for more industries.

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