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Laboratory and Specialty Gas Control Systems

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SEVICON offers a wide range of efficient and reliable control solutions for special gases in the lab. The following is an introduction to SEVICON\\\'s Laboratory and Specialty Gases:

The gas control system consists of the following main components:

1. Gas supply system: According to the needs of the laboratory, we provide customers with various gas supply solutions, including compressed gases, liquefied gases, high purity gases and so on. The gas supply system adopts high-quality gas valves, pressure controllers, flow meters and other equipment to ensure the safety, stability and accuracy of laboratory gas supply.

2. Gas conveying system: Adopting high-efficient pneumatic conveying device to convey gases from the supply system to each workstation in the laboratory, so as to achieve the automation and intelligent control of gas supply. The gas conveying system can be customized according to the layout of the laboratory and gas demand to meet the gas conveying needs of different laboratories.

3. Gas control system: Real-time monitoring and adjustment of gas supply through advanced control system. The control system can monitor the gas pressure, flow rate, temperature and other parameters in real time, and achieve precise control through PID control algorithm to ensure the stability and safety of gas supply in the laboratory.

4. Safety Protection System: In order to ensure the safety of laboratory gas supply, we provide customers with a complete safety protection system, including gas leakage detection, pressure alarm, automatic cut-off and other safety measures. The safety protection system can effectively reduce the risk of gas leakage and protect the safety of laboratory workers.

5. Laboratory gas control system design and installation: We provide customers with one-stop gas control system design and installation services according to the specific needs and conditions of the laboratory. Our professional team will customize a suitable gas control system for you to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the system.

6. After-sales service: We provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service, including system commissioning, training, repair, maintenance, etc., to ensure the long-term stable operation of the laboratory gas control system.
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