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YTC YT-400/405/430 Series

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Model: YT-400/YT-405/YT-430 Full series
Name: Air lock valve
Action type: Single action/double action
Signal pressure: 0.14~0.7MPa(1.4~7bar)
Ambient temperature: -20°C~70°C(-4~ 158° F)
Signal interface: PT (NPT) 1/4
Material: Stainless steel/die-cast aluminum

SEVICON is a high-tech company dedicated to the supply, research, design and development of complete sets of fluid control solutions and control valve products.

Young Tech Co.,Ltd is a Korean manufacturer specializing in the production of electric-pneumatic valve positioners, air-pneumatic valve positioners, intelligent valve positioners, air filtration and pressure reducing valves, valve position transmitters, pneumatic amplifiers, pneumatic directional valves, solenoid valves, airlock valves, limit switches, and other regulating valve related accessories.

YTC-400/405/430 series products description:
●Airlock valve YT- -400 is a device that can automatically cut off the channel by monitoring the pressure in time when the pressure of air supply is lower than the set pressure.
●Small size, light weight, no need for another bracket, can be connected with metal pipe.
●Sensitive to small pressure differences of 0.1kgf/cmd or less.
●Epoxy resin coating is used for good corrosion resistance.
●Limit switch and indicator can be added to monitor the switching status of YT-400.

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