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YTC YT-2500/2550 Series

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Model: YT-2500/YT-2550/YT-2501 Full series
Name: Intelligent locator
Protection level: IP66 / IP68
Explosion-proof class: Ex II 2GD Ex db IIC T4/T5/T6 Gb and Ex tb IIIC T140/T100/T110℃ Db
Control signal/Feedback signal: 4-20MA/0-10V
Bus control: Profibus, HART, FF, ASi

SEVICON provides automation and intelligent fluid control products and after-sales service to domestic customers with safe and reliable design innovation technology and strict quality control ability. 
We aim customer satisfaction as the first priority to supply SEVICON products in a more timely and accurate manner.

Ytc-255/2550/2501 Series Product description:
●It has the function of locking position with broken signal and locking position with broken gas source.
●Standby-state gas consumption is close to zero, which can greatly save the energy of the factory.
●An LCD is mounted on the outside of the product, so the status of the positioner can be checked directly on site.
●Valve position output module and HART module can be added to achieve the corresponding functions.
●Flow characteristics such as linear, fast-open, and equal-percentage can be arbitrarily set.
● PID parameters can be easily adjusted by the buttons on the product, and 16 points can be set to achieve special flow curves.
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