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Semiconductor industry water (ultrapure water) recycling applications

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SEVICON circulating water treatment system includes the following key components,
1.automatic control system: Real-time monitoring and control of the circulating water treatment process is realized through the automation control system to ensure stable operation of the system.
2. environmental protection and energy saving system: Working through the use of energy efficient equipment and optimization of system design to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution in the water treatment process.
SEVICON water treatment systems are widely used in various fields, including industrial water, drinking water, swimming pools, power plant cooling water and so on. Water treatment system solutions can be customized according to customer needs with installation, commissioning, maintenance and training services provided.

SEVICON technicians have more than 15 years of experience in the field of automation and fluid control, and overseas teams specializing in electric/pneumatic actuators, various types of switching valves and flow control valves, instrumentation research and design. SEVICON has its own advanced design technology, rigorous quality control capabilities for the Chinese market to provide customers with automation and intelligent fluid control products to achieve more timely and accurate application of SEVICON products.

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