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Working Principle of SEVICON electrical Butterfly Valve

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SEVICON Butterfly valve is a kind of valve that uses round butterfly plate as opening and closing and rotates with the valve stem to open, which controls the passage. The butterfly plate is installed on the diameter of the ballistic. The round butterfly plate curls the axis in the cylindrical butterfly valve body, the curling point is between 0°~90°. When valve is programmed to be fully open when curling point is 90°.

SEVICON butterfly valve structure:

Featuring with easy construction, small size, light weight, small device size, quick electric door, 90 ° back and forth rotation, light drive energy torque, etc., used to cut off, connect, control the medium in the pipeline. There is a good fluid mastery characteristics and open sealing performance. Butterfly valve has two sealing type, elastic seal and non-metallic seal . Elastic seal valve, the gasket can be set in the valve body or attached to the butterfly plate around.
The adoption of non-metallic sealing valve has longer life services than elastic sealing valve but it is difficult to seal. Non-metallic seals can match higher operating heat, while elastomeric seals have the disadvantage of being constrained by heat. The butterfly valve as the key to operate the fluid, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s important to choose the accurate size and type. The construction principle of butterfly valves is especially suitable for making large-diameter valves. There are three rarely used butterfly valves including clamped butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, butt-welded butterfly valve. Clamped butterfly valve is a double-headed bolt docked in the valve between the two ballistic flange. Flanged butterfly valves are valves with flanges on and the flanges on both ends of the valve are bolted to the ballistic flange. Butt-welded butterfly valves have two end faces with ballistic riveted couplings.

Characteristics of SEVICON butterfly valve:

The streamline design of the butterfly plate makes the fluid barrier less destructive, which is called an energy-saving product. The valve stem is a through-stem construction, solved by modulation with good comprehensive mechanical properties and resistance to erosion and scuffing. The valve stem is only for curling and not operates rise and fall when the butterfly valve is closing or opening. The filling of valve stem is not easy to destroy and solid sealing.
The valve stem and the butterfly plate are connected by a taper pin, and the outward end is of anti-punching design to prevent the valve stem from collapsing out of a breakage of the valve stem and the butterfly plate.

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