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YTC Direct Stroke Intelligent Valve Positioner YT-3300-LSi1224L for SEVICON High Purity N2 Specialty Gas Systems

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Intelligent Valve Positioner YT-3300 series is a device to control valve opening by receiving 4~20mA current signal from controller or control system.
The built-in microprocessor can accurately control the valve opening, also perform automatic setting, PID control, HART communication and other powerful functions.
The nozzle/flap torque motor structure enhances resistance to dust, moisture, and oil.
An LCD is mounted on the outside of the product so that the status of the positioner can be checked directly on site.
Various information on valves and positioners can be obtained through HART communication.
A valve position output module can be added to provide feedback on valve opening.
Flow characteristics such as linear, fast-open, and equal-percentage can be randomly set.
The PID parameters can be easily adjusted via buttons on the product, and 16 points can be set to create special flow curves.

The selection Table of YT-3300/3500 Intelligent Valve Positioner Series; 

General information
The YT-3300 / 3350 / 3303 / 3301 series can respond to 4 ~ 20 mA controller input signal to accurately control the valve stroke.
The built-in microprocessor optimizes positioner performance and enables specific functions such as auto-calibration PID control and HART protocol communication.

Internal structure

4-20ma signal analog feedback with monitoring of real-time operating status of the valve, SOLDO SS70 NAMUR signal,the status of the open and closed position can be monitored through the safety gate.

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