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FLOWSERVE, founded in June 1997, is the merger between the 130-year-old BW/IF (Byron Jaokson) Corporation and the 90-year-old Durco International Corporation.

FLOWSERVE, a publicly traded U.S. company, is a world-class manufacturer of valves and pumps and a leading manufacturer and aftermarket supplier of flow control products and systems for the world\'s most important applications. Its products and services cover a wide range of industries, including oil, gas, chemical, power generation and water resources. With R&D centers, manufacturing bases, stocking centers and service centers in China, FLOWSERVE is one of the world\'s foremost manufacturers of high-quality pipe and valve fittings. 

The valves, steam traps, automation products and the fluid management are widely used in the chemical, electric power, petroleum, natural gas and food industry with sealing used in multiple rotating machinery to effectively prevent leaking.

In addition, there are more than 1 million pumps used in a variety of industries worldwide. FLOWSERVE is a pump manufacturer for the petroleum, chemical process and power industries, providing a wide range of heavy-duty, high-horsepower pumps for oil and gas production and pipeline laying. 
There are more than 14,000 employees in the organization also plants and representative offices established in 56 countries worldwide.
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