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The Linde Group

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The Linde Group Chemical Co., Ltd., a German company, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in coatings research, production, trading, and rated by the U.S. "Fortune" as the world\\\'s top ten paints and coatings companies, which belongs to the global diversified organization of multinational enterprises. It is involved in more than ten chemical industries, including industrial gases, environmental protection, chemical raw materials, coatings and petrochemical products, as well as is one of the world\\\'s largest suppliers of architectural monolithic decorative coatings. The company has invested in the establishment of a technical research and development organization in China, which has become the largest and most modern coating technology R&D center in China so far.

The Linde Group Chemical Co., Ltd. has established a perfect and efficient management system within the enterprise, such as production, sales research and development, human resources, etc. This constitutes a systematic operation process, which comprehensively improves the company\\\'s office efficiency and management capabilities, so that the enterprise management costs can be reduced, the management of the efficiency has been improved, and the competitiveness of the enterprise has been strengthened. Through strict and efficient management system, Linde Group Chemical Co., Ltd. integrates exquisite craftsmanship and professionalism into every detail, continuously perfects and improves the performance of the products, develops new products and researches new technology, and guarantees the rigor of production and the excellence of quality.
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